Gold Cable Link Chain - 20" (3.7 mm) Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Gold Cable Link Chain - 20" (3.7 mm)
Gold cable link chains are gorgeous when worn alone or with a charm or pendant! Chains are made from interlocked identical oval loops, which makes them look a bit like oversized Tiffany chains. Diamond cuts on the metal give these chains incredible sparkle even though there aren't any stones! Available in sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver; each hue comes in a variety of lengths. PLEASE NOTE: These chains have larger links that most of our other necklace chains, and as such some charms/pendants may not fit onto them. Shop our entire collection of chains today! *NOTE: Inset image shows all available lengths of this chain on a neckstand. This is for your reference only; your order will include one (1) chain unless you specify otherwise. - Fashion Jewelry

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