Caine's Handcuff Necklace - Gold Tone Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Caine's Handcuff Necklace - Gold Tone
Look tough with our rebellious Caine's Handcuff Necklace. This top-selling cuff is raved about by our customers and is purchased for a variety of reasons such as: Halloween costume accessory, support for active & retired law enforcement, and marriage (handcuffed to each other). Fans of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey will also enjoy the BDSM inspired cuff. The gold-toned necklace features open and closable cuffs that measure 1.5 by 1.04 inches. The necklace measures 19.625 inches long and weigh 50 grams. Let your fantasies run wild and have fun with our handcuff accessories inspired by the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey! PLEASE NOTE: This jewelry is not manufactured, distributed, endorsed, or authorized by E. L. James or The Writer's Coffee Shop. These products are not the officially licensed/trademarked items. - Fashion Jewelry

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