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Stackable Hoops & Rings Organizer
Our Stackable Hoops & Rings Organizer is a great way to organize your rings and hoop earrings! Avoid losing or damaging rings and hoop earrings by storing them safely in this organizer tray. Organizer is 1.5 inches tall, 8.25 inches wide, and 9.25 inches deep. This organizer is a transparent tray that allows versatile stacking and sliding with other types of jewelry organizer trays. Modular design allows trays to be added as you need them. Red velvet casing neatly sorts jewelry by size, style, or function. Tray holds up to 20 rings or hoop earrings altogether. Organize your rings and hoops conveniently with our Stackable Hoops & Rings Organizer! Customize the way you organize your jewelry with other compatible stackable organizers from Emitations! Please Note: This item is only available for delivery within the United States, and may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges. It is not available for purchase by our wholesale customers. Please contact customer service with any questions at (800) 652-5002. - Fashion Jewelry

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