Gift Set: Magnetic Jewelry Clasps Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Gift Set: Magnetic Jewelry Clasps
Ever have trouble with the clasps on your bracelets or necklaces? Magnetic Jewelry Clasps will solve your problem! Each pack contains two clasps (one silver toned, one gold toned) with a loop on one end, and a standard lobster claw clasp on the other. After attaching them to your favorite jewelry, you can easily secure your necklaces and bracelets by positioning the ends near eachother. Magnetic attraction does the rest! Removing jewelry is just as easy: simply tug on each end to release! Shop our entire collection of jewelry solutions today! *Jewelry set cannot be partially returned or exchanged. 100% of the complete set needs to be returned whether it's being exchanged or refunded. If exchanged, we will resend out the entire set. If you have any questions please email at or call at 1-800-652-5002. - Fashion Jewelry

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