Gift Set: Multi Color Clip Earrings - 3 Pair Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Gift Set: Multi Color Clip Earrings - 3 Pair
Leanne's Flower Clips - Blue These gorgeous flower clips have the look of vintage earrings - without the cost! Silver tone earrings have an antique finish and muted blue hues. A cluster of rhinestones forms the center flower shape on each earring. Additional enamel coated petals extend out like a bouquet. Also available in purple; you're sure to love them both! Gabby's Rhinestone Clipon Stud Earrings - Topaz Dramatic rhinestone clipon stud earrings bring a burst of color to your non-pierced ears! An approximate 10 carat oval cut center stone is the focal point of these brilliant clip earrings. Oval center stones are each surrounded by 15 smaller (.20 carat) round cut rhinestones. Sturdy clip backings provide a firm but comfortable fit. Available in multiple hues; shop them all today! Malin's Clip-On Stud Earrings- Topaz Fancy clip-on stud earrings are bold, bright, and full of bling! Each earring features a dramatic 8 carat bezel set round cut rhinestone. Large rhinestones have a unique surface - narrow triangle shaped facets meet in a raised point at the center. Center stones are surrounded by a border of round cut, clear, channel set rhinestones. Please note - earrings are almost as large around as a nickel, which means they are very dramatic and may not be very believable. *Jewelry set cannot be partially returned or exchanged. 100% of the complete set needs to be returned whether it's being exchanged or refunded. If exchanged, we will resend out the entire set. If you have any questions please email at or call at 1-800-652-5002. - Fashion Jewelry

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