Mystery Grab Bag - 3 Stylish Surprises Inside! Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Mystery Grab Bag - 3 Stylish Surprises Inside!
Enjoy three fabulous surprise gifts for only $18.99! We can't tell you what they are, but we can promise that you're going to love them. We can reveal that there's a ring - that's why you need to select a ring size. We're keeping our lips sealed on the rest of the contents though! This is a super limited time offer - we only have about 5 sets in each ring size. Shop fast before this deal disappears! PLEASE NOTE : These mystery grab bags are drastically reduced in price and available as a special limited time offer. They CANNOT be returned or exchanged. If your ring does not fit, you can exchange it for another size (if available) by paying our standard exchange fee. Please note that the contents of the mystery grab bag cannot be returned if you don't like them. If you receive damaged or defective items in your grab bag, please contact us for options. - Fashion Jewelry

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