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Lyra's Star Non Pierced Magnetic Earrings
Shine like a star with Lyra's Star Magnetic Earrings! These sweet star studs are a new fashion staple - just the right bit of bling for your ears! Plus, they match our best selling Lyra's CZ Star Pendant. Earrings are cubic zirconia pave set and made from rhodium electroplated sterling silver. These pierced best sellers have been reinvented for women with non-pierced ears - a sturdy and comfy magnetic backing makes them accessible for all! Please Note: Magnetic backings are slightly larger in diameter than the decorative portion of the earring, but the backing will not be noticeable when worn. This oversized backing ensures a comfortable, secure fit with evenly distributed weight. If you find that the backings do not suit your ears, you can also purchase our smaller 6 mm magnetic backs. This item is part of our nickel free jewelry collection! For more information, or to shop all of our nickel free jewelry items, check out our nickel free jewelry section! - Fashion Jewelry

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