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Cadence's Princess Cut CZ Wedding Ring Set
This believable princess cut CZ wedding ring set is incredibly beautiful! Engagement ring has a perfectly sized 1.25 carat, princess cut center stone. Center stone is raised slightly above the band, and surrounded by a border of Signity CZs. Partial split band gives this set the look of a wedding ring trio! Pave set Signity CZ stones are set partially down the sides of both rings. Matched guard band is curved to align with the main engagement ring. Both rings have slightly sqaured off bands, which are actually really comfortable to wear! AAAAA (5A) quality CZs are the highest grade - they look very similar to real diamonds! All pave set CZs under 2mm are Signity CZs, which ensure that even the tiniest stones have maximum shine. Each Signity stone is cut to the ideal proportions which must be met in order for a stone to display maximum sparkle and shine Signity CZs have a consistently uniform shape, size, and dimension, which allows every stone to be set perfectly. Lead and nickel free sterling silver is safe for sensitive skin. Sterling silver has durable .03 micron rhodium electroplating. A thin layer of copper between the silver and rhodium helps to create a smooth, strong plating. The manufacturer states that with proper care the rhodium electroplating should not wear down within the first year of purchase. Please note that this item has our standard 60 day return/exchange policy . - Fashion Jewelry

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