Jeweler's Cleaning & Polishing Baton Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Jeweler's Cleaning & Polishing Baton
NON-RETURNABLE: This item cannot be returned. Please contact Customer Service with any additional questions. This jeweler's cleaning & polishing baton keeps your jewelry looking new! Handy baton is about the size and shape of a large nail file. Step 1: use the light blue side to clean your jewelry. Step 2: use the dark blue side to polish your jewelry. To use, apply mild pressure while moving the baton back and forth over your jewelry. Baton should be discarded and replaced when the cloth darkens from dirt. Keep your baton in the included plastic sleeve to protect it and make it last longer. PLEASE NOTE: Manufacturer cautions "do NOT use on pearls, ivory, opals, turquoise, malachite, lapis, coral, or 14k gold jewelry. Safe for all other precious metals and stones." - Fashion Jewelry

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