Magnetic Earring Backs - 6mm Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Magnetic Earring Backs - 6mm
Replacement magnetic earring backs are a customer requested item! Nickel free, rhodium plated magnetic backings are comfortable and high quality. Sterling silver magnetic disc backings work with all of our magnetic non-pierced earrings. Available in two sizes - small (6 mm) and large (12mm). Shop the small magnetic earring backs for light to medium weight earrings. Shop the large earring backs for heavier earrings and dangle or chandelier styles. Small earring backs are great for anyone with thin/small earlobes. Large earring backs are great for anyone with thick/larger earlobes. This item is part of our nickel free jewelry collection! For more information, or to shop all of our nickel free jewelry items, check out our nickel free jewelry section! - Fashion Jewelry

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