Gift Set: Keiko's Freshwater pearl Jewelry Set Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Gift Set: Keiko's Freshwater pearl Jewelry Set
Gift sets are sure to please every jewelry lover on your list - shop today to enjoy incredible deals! What do you get when you combine freshwater potato pearls and gleaming quartz? A stunning jewelry set! The necklace in Keiko's Set features tightly strung freshwater potato pearls, which are accented by larger beads of quartz. The necklace has a front toggle closure, which brings attention to an additional dangling strand of pearls and quartz. If you prefer, though, you can wear it with the toggle in the back (see inset). Matching hookback earrings add clusters of pearls and quartz to the look. Both the earrings and necklace are made from 18k white gold plated sterling silver, but the price is only $65! The variety of textures and fine materials will make Keiko's Set a favorite in your jewelry box. *Jewelry set cannot be partially returned or exchanged. 100% of the complete set needs to be returned whether it's being exchanged or refunded. If exchanged, we will resend out the entire set. If you have any questions please email at or call at 1-800-652-5002. - Fashion Jewelry

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