Dogwood Flower Gold Tone CZ Necklace Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Dogwood Flower Gold Tone CZ Necklace
What better way to celebrate the coming spring than with a blooming, shimmering blossom of dogwood jewelty? This dogwood flower necklace in a warm gold tone is perfect for catching the sun's rays on bright and sunny days, or for reminding people what they can look forward to when it's overcast. The gold-plated, sterling silver pendant is approximately 1/2 inch tall and 1/2 inch wide, and weighs about 3 grams without the chain. This necklace arrives with an 18 inch chain. If you would like to request a different chain, please contact Customer Service via phone (800-652-5002 or 619-528-9100) or email ( *Note: 16" chains are free of charge, any other sizes must be purchased separately. - Fashion Jewelry

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