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Cushion Solution for Rings and Earrings
NON-RETURNABLE: This item cannot be returned. Please contact Customer Service with any additional questions. Does your favorite ring slide around on your finger? Do those clip-on earrings pinch just a bit too tight? Cushion Solution is just what you need! This easy to use clear solution helps to ease pinching, slipping, and discomfort with rings and earrings. When applied to the inside of a ring, it helps stop them from sliding, twisting, and falling off. It can also help to reduce a ring's size, for a more secure fit. When applied on earring backs, it can prevent clip-ons from slipping and/or pinching your ears.The silicone based solution should be applied with a cotton swab, and can be layered as needed. Each tube comes with an insert explaining proper usage. - Fashion Jewelry

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