Repair-a-Tear Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

NON-RETURNABLE: This item cannot be returned. Please contact Customer Service with any additional questions. Sometimes, being fashionable can be hard on your body. Stilleto heels, big teased hair, and push-up bras are all perfect examples! Another uncomfortable reality comes from the continuous wear of heavy and/or dangling earrings, which can sometimes cause your earlobes to stretch or tear. Ouch! Repair-a-Tear pierced ear reinforcer keeps your earrings high and secure, letting you enjoy the bling without the (literal) sting. Each pack comes with five sheets of thin discs (twelve per sheet), which have medical grade adhesive on either side. One side sticks firmly to the earring backing, and one secures to your earlobe. Suddenly, chic styles are comfortable once more! - Fashion Jewelry

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