Bridal Necklace: Luciana's Multi-Cut CZ Necklace Top Fashion Jewelry and Gems

Bridal Necklace: Luciana's Multi-Cut CZ Necklace
Looking for bridal jewelry, bridal necklaces, bridesmaid necklaces, bridesmaid earrings, wedding party jewelry, or brides necklaces? Look no further! is your trusted source for beautiful, elegant, and affordable bridal jewelry. Shop today and get married in style! Some jewelry lovers are loyal to just one cut - but some of us like to experiment! Luciana's Multi-Cut CZ Necklace is perfect for those who want to experiment with different shapes and styles. The couture inspired faux diamond necklace features a 5 carat oval cut center stone, flanked on each side by a 3 carat radiant cut stone, a 2 carat side set pear cut stone, and a 2.5 carat diamond set princess cut stone. Talk about variety! The pattern continues along the length of the necklace, alternating different cuts in smaller carats (2.5 carat oval, 2 carat radiant, 1 carat pear, 1 carat princess cut). A latch with a safety clasp secures the 18-inch necklace, giving you a full collar of nearly 60 carats of bling! RE-STOCKING FEE: Please note that this item will require a 15% re-stocking fee if it is returned. - Fashion Jewelry

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