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Faux Wish Diamond Necklace - Blue CZ
Similar to the infamous Hope Diamond Necklace, currently at the Smithsonian museum! This sky blue CZ necklace -reminiscent of famous real and fictional blue diamond necklaces - begins with a chain made from marquis cut CZs, linked together with tiny silver loops. These CZs meet front and center, at an impressive 16 carat, oval cut, sky blue CZ. The center stone is bordered by a medley of clear marquis, pear, and cushion cut stones that complete Emitations' Faux Wish Diamond Necklace - Blue CZ. The best part? You can take the pendant off the chain and wear it as a brooch! It has a pin backing that lets you place it on your collar, purse, or even in your hair. This necklace looks like it is straight off the Titanic! The Faux Wish Diamond Necklace - Blue CZ is perfect for a black tie affair, but this necklace won't be content to sit in your jewelry box. The center stone and border hide a hinged clasp, allowing the wearer to wear the chain alone, or pair the blue CZ with a different chain! RE-STOCKING FEE: Please note that this item will require a 15% re-stocking fee if it is returned. PLEASE NOTE: This jewelry is not manufactured, distributed or authorized by Harry Winston, the Hope family, or the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. This necklace is not an authentic replica of the original Hope Diamond Necklace, and it not an authorized replica of said jewelry. For further information please refer to the following links: http://www.si.edu/encyclopedia_si/nmnh/hope.htm http://mineralsciences.si.edu/hope.htm. - Fashion Jewelry

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