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Kali's Kabala Hamsa Necklace
From her red thread bracelet to her hamsa necklace, Lauren Conrad of The Hills has Kabbalah on the mind! A good luck symbol in both Islamic and Jewish folklore, it is believed to ward off the "evil eye" of jealous onlookers. The hamsa necklace is also known as the "Hand of God," the "Hand of Fatima," and the "Hand of Miriam." In response to multiple customer requests, Emitations is pleased to offer you Kali's Kabala Hamsa Silver Necklace! The sterling silver necklace features a tiny Hamsa "hand" shape, which is a great gift for a Jewish girl's Bat Mitzvah. The charm is secured on either side with an adjustable length sterling silver chain, and features a brilliant pave CZ coating. Why not find out for yourself what kind of luck a little bling can bring? Be sure to shop our full selection of religious and hamsa necklaces ! - Fashion Jewelry

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